About edWise

edWise is a portal for services targeting school, pre school, upper secondary school and adult education.

To use edWise

When using edWise you must follow Swedish legislation and the following rules:

  • You should always use edWise in accordance with current legislation.
  • Do not attempt to collect login information or get yourself access to the user accounts of others.
  • Do not attempt to collect or access information and data that you are not authorized to or information and data that belongs to another user.
  • You may not attempt to disable, overload, or impair the functionality in edWise.
  • We may suspend the user's access to our services if our rules are not followed.
  • Any suspicion of irregularity will be investigated and may be prosecuted.

Contact information

How the portal is used just in your school may be different from how other schools and communities/organizations use it. If you experience any problem with the portal, you should therefore contact the designated contact person in your school or community/organization.

How we use cookies…

edWise is using cookies. When you login, a session cookie is created to keep track of the authenticated user. Cookies can in some cases be used to enhance the user experience. If you are using a public computer, there is a risk that someone that uses the computer after you can access your private information, therefore you must make sure to clear the browsing history ("internet cache") and close the browser after you have logged out from the system. By logging in to edWise you also accept the use of cookies.

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